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Easter Tips

With Easter arriving this weekend we should keep in mind the risks out there especially in cottage country. Whether you are up at your cottage or just heading to your grandparents there are a few safety concerns to keep in mind this weekend. Watching out for animals, keeping safe in the Thursday or Friday traffic, or watching out for the possibility of salmonella on the raw eggs you may want to paint, these are just a few things to watch out for this weekend. Make sure you take your time this weekend as holidays are much better when everyone is safe and happy.

Published: 4/2/2015 2:15:00 PM - by: HRC Insurance

Spring Rivers and Streams

With ice and snow melting we must remember there is always a chance for flash floods and heavy current in nearby streams and rivers. These rivers and streams can quickly double in size as some may be dam controlled or even the possibility of beaver dams giving out. Staying away from moving water this spring could make the difference from a dry hike to a freezing and unexpected spill into a river or stream.

Published: 3/20/2015 3:39:00 PM - by: HRC Insurance

Spring Thaw Precautions

With the first signs of spring coming our way there are a few things we must keep in mind. Melting of large amounts of snow and ice can have significant flooding threats and being prepared is always a good idea. Also roof ice can be a tremendous falling hazard as the ice chunks can weigh up to a couple hundred pounds or even more.

Published: 3/13/2015 4:52:00 PM - by: HRC Insurance

Spring Ice Safety

With winter lasting longer than usual this year, ice conditions will be unpredictable especially as the spring thaw begins. As soon as we have a few warm days, the potential for currents and sun to erode the ice are much greater. As the snowmobile season may last a little longer we must remember ice safety when going out on it this year.

Published: 3/6/2015 11:19:00 AM - by: HRC Insurance

A Brief History of Insurance

Insurance has been a growing concept from the beginning of time, insurance is all about protection of something by using a strategic plan. The first examples of insurance was similar to the idea of not putting all of your eggs in one basket. This concept carries great significance as the insurance industry has bloomed through changing concepts and has grown into the vast empire that it is today.

Published: 2/26/2015 11:45:00 AM - by: HRC Insurance

Winter Car Maintenance

As we all know winter brings some harsh conditions for your vehicle. Cottage country is often smothered with snow and the only way to fight back is with sand and salt. Sand can sometimes have small rocks within it and can chip paint, salt can increase the rust in wheel wells and around the bottom of your vehicle, and last but not least the cold temperatures and piles of snow brought on by winter. There are however some ways to increase your vehicle's lifespan if you spend the extra money on some preventative solutions.

Published: 2/20/2015 12:08:00 PM - by: HRC Insurance

Travel Safety Tips

Whether you are going to your cottage or heading down south, it is always a good idea to have a few travel safety tips in mind. Being prepared can make the difference between a good vacation and a great one. All the way from travel insurance to where not to go are good things to know before you go on any new exploration. We can only outline a few of the biggest safety tips for traveling but there are numerous blogs and resource websites that give great ways to stay safe on your holiday this year.

Published: 1/29/2015 9:45:00 AM - by: HRC Insurance

Discounts Revealed

You may think all discounts automatically get added if you qualify but discounts are only as good as the information you provide. A good insurance broker will try to ask questions to deem the eligibility of the discount but as insurance brokers are human they sometimes could miss one or two if they are not mentioned. Most brokers will double check all discounts at the time of renewal but having a knowledge of the discounts can help especially if you deal with a direct insurance company. Brokers work for you to give you the best coverage whether it is a cottage policy all the way to a moped we search for the discounts that fit your lifestyle best.

Published: 1/23/2015 12:51:00 PM - by: HRC Insurance

Winter Driving Tricks

You may think if you have a vehicle with ABS, traction control and four-wheel drive that you can drive the same speeds no matter how bad the weather but this is a common misperception. Black ice and slippery roads can hinder handling and stopping distances of even the most advanced automobiles. Winter driving takes a few tricks to learn to avoid our simple programmed human reactions. We sometimes freeze and panic and focus on the crash or accident rather than looking where we want to go.

Published: 1/15/2015 10:19:00 AM - by: HRC Insurance

Bringing in the New Year!

2014 was a great year as we have made amazing new discoveries. This year has been full of extraordinary events and some very controversial news topics. With our world changing every second comes the age of technology, with everything being digital we must not forget the simplicity and beauty that nature can offer. Those times at the cottage won't be the same if the water is not as clean or the air is not as fresh. While we all live busy lives always remember to give back to the earth and the community, even a few small caring gestures can greatly help the planet and make the difference that is needed.

Published: 12/25/2014 12:36:00 PM - by: HRC Insurance

Since the 1900's...

Born under the name George Hutcheson, Hutcheson, Reynolds & Caswell Ltd. began providing insurance policies in Muskoka since the early 1900s. Bernard Reynolds joined the firm in the 1940s and purchased the firm from George Hutcheson in 1967. Finally, in 1980, David Caswell joined the company's ranks to complete Hutcheson, Reynolds and Caswell. We have grown along with our name and provide the same dedication to superior customer service and top-notch insurance coverage that George Hutcheson was famous for over 100 years ago.