Fall Home Preparation

Once the leaves have fallen, the next topic of discussion in Muskoka is preparing for winter. Prep your home adequately to prevent issues arising later in the fall and into the winter months.


Protecting your house starts from the outside in. To prevent ice dams in the winter clear your gutters and downpours, especially after the leaves have fallen. Check for damages to your roof and make any necessary adjustments. Also caulk any deteriorating seals around exterior windows and doors. Peeling paint means it is no longer protecting the sides of your home, repainting will lessen the chance of having major issues down the road. Cover air conditioners to prevent rusting and vacuum accessible internal parts. If you have a chimney ensure it is professionally cleaned annually.


Have your furnace cleaned and expected annually by a qualified technician. Ensure to clean/replace your furnace filter as well. Insulate water pipes that may be exposed to colder temperatures to prevent freezing. Clean the clothing dryer duct and under, removing all lint, dust, and pieces of material as they pose a significant fire hazard. Check electrical outlets for frayed wires and loose fitting plugs. Ensure there is at least one smoke detector on each floor of your home and have a full and proper working fire extinguisher in a central place in the house.

Taking the time to prepare now will save a considerable headache down the road. Further, if any projects are too big for a DIY, seek a licensed trades person for the necessary help.  

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