New Years Eve - Stay Safe and Have Fun!

While Christmas has only just passed, the next celebration is a mere few days away! New Years Eve is another great time to get together with family and friends to celebrate a great year passed and to kick-off the next one!

What makes New Years so special? This list touches on a few of the reasons why:

- Always celebrate with friends and family, because the first visitors you see in the New Year will determine whether you have either good luck or bad luck for the entire year as the superstition goes

- The Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball was a result of a ban on fireworks. The first ball in 1907 was an illuminated 700-pound iron and wood ball adorned with 100 25-watt light bulbs. Today, the round ball designed by Waterford Crystal weighs 11,875 pounds, is 12 feet in diameter and has 2668 Waterford crystals

- More vehicles are stolen on New Year’s Day than any other holiday throughout the year. (So does that mean thieves are having their last fling before changing their ways or are they trying for a big score to start the New Year?)

On a global scale, here was 2013 in a nutshell:

From everyone at Hutcheson Reynolds & Caswell, we thank you for your support in 2013 and look forward to serving you again in 2014!

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